Watch Temple Construction Via Live View Webcam

As many of you know, one of our favorite things to do as a family is keep tabs on temple construction around the world. Panob1The temple is such a beautiful and significant place to our family because of the eternal covenants that we made there to be together forever. Seeing these houses of the Lord being raised up on mountain tops, in green fields, in cities, and in beautiful country sides, rising through rain and snow, it’s a pretty beautiful thing; symbolically and practically. Now, what you might not know is that we aren’t just statistics buffs. Sure we can tell you how many temples are being built, and where, and maybe even when they’re expected to be completed. But we don’t get our kicks from numbers, we get our kicks watching the progress happen—LIVE!

Line Upon Line Building

We don’t travel the world constantly to keep up with the construction, though the kids would surely love that. We regularly drop in on them via Live View Webcam links. These links allow us to see incredible things, but specifically the daily progress that leads to a magnificent edifice.

Isn’t it fitting that one of the greatest lessons we know about eternal life and our potential is that the way we get there is by building line upon line in our hearts and lives? It is said in the scriptures that all things are symbolic of Him, and this is one of the great little lessons that anyone can learn.

15815507_lWhen the construction company is chosen by the church for the task of construction there is nothing more than an idea waiting to be made real. The committees in charge of the project come together and carefully a blue print is created. The blueprint is a plan that must be followed down to every jot and tittle if the project is going to be deemed worthy as a house of the saint’s veneration, and satisfactory to God. This is the portion of the process that we can’t see through the Webcam Live feed. It’s like the work that was done before this life.

Once the blueprint is all in order then work begins. It’s not fast by any means. Sometimes fences go up and signs are put in place and then it seems like ages before anything else happens. But slowly the ground will begin to be cleared, and the earth is moved, and foundations of cement are poured. Then a skeletal frame begins to go up with ladders at all sides, then walls, the roof, and so on and so forth. For a while things look still, even forgotten, because the work going on is all inside. And then Moroni is raised upon his noble perch and hails in the returning Christ. From constructing the walls to cleaning the carpets everything is directed in perfect order.

I love the symbolism of temple construction and it’s juxtaposition with how our lives and our families are carefully built. Maybe, if you have a moment, drop in on the construction of a temple, and see the incredible and careful progress for yourself!

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